Hack In The North

10:00 PM (IST), March 29, 2019

IIIT Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh

About Hack In The North

Hack In The North is the collaboration of programmers, designers and inventors to code, design and build innovative solutions that tackle real world problems. We provide a venue for self-expression and creativity through technology.HINT started as a hostel room idea by a few unorthodox students way back in 2015, who simply wanted to create a fruitful environment for developers to learn, create and innovate and now it is in its fourth iteration. Hack in the North can be summed up as 36 hours of code, fun, making things, breaking things, and at the end, coming out having built something you never thought possible.


For more information on prizes, visit https://hackinthenorth.com


For the event schedule, visit https://hackinthenorth.com


What if I don't have a Team?

Not to worry, You can register as an individual participant and form team during the team formation session which will be organized soon after the opening ceremony.

What if I'm the only one selected in my team?

Acceptances are rolled out individually. If 50% of the team is individually selected, the entire of the team gets selected. If not, please contact us immediately so that we can review your team again.

Frequently asked questions are answered at https://hackinthenorth.com


For more information, visit https://hackinthenorth.com